Human body is divided into two parts:- the energy body and the human body. The only difference between the two is that the energy body is made up of a much finer substance. In other words, energy body works like a battery. Nothing can exist without the energy body.



The energy body is composed of seven major chakras. There are also several acupuncture points which result in openings for energy to flow in and out of the body. These chakra portals are known as vortexes and they spin in a clockwise direction. Their speed can be increased or decreased.

Out of the seven major chakras, five run on the upper part of the body with the root and crown chakras entering through the top and bottom of the body. Each chakra plays a different role. The top two chakras are the mental centers, next four are deal with emotions, and the same four chakras on the back side deal with the will.

Each chakra is related to something or the other in our body, i.e. feeling, smelling, tasting, seeing, sense of intuition, or a state of knowingness. If a chakra is blocked, then the energy cannot flow properly and that can cause many problems.

If chakras are too open, it can result in overreactions. For eg. too much opening of a heart chakra can lead to too much emotions, whereas if it is blocked, it can lead to no emotions at all.

The chakras are always active and they work even when we are asleep. During sleep, the chakras draw energy from the surroundings. Without this process, we can even die. Chakras are vital to our mental, physical and spiritual health.

But everybody has some distortion or blocks in our energy body.

The painful experiences which people endure over the years builds up emotional numbness. Experiences such as rejection, a broken heart or an abuse of some kind creates blocks in our energy body. More are the number of blocks, lesser the energy flows.

Sometimes people only experience their life through only one or two chakras because of a high degree of blocking. If they are living though their sacral chakras, their mind will always be on sex and it cannot be diverted no matter how much you try. People living through different kinds of chakras experience different kinds of problems.

  • How can you maintain a relationship if you have got a block in your heart chakra?
  • How will you be able to build a family if you have a block in your root chakra
  • If you have got blocks in your higher chakras, you will not be able to do any kind of work with your full potential
  • If your will centres are blocked, you will not be able to attract things through the powerful will centers.