Angels are one of the most debated topics from the centuries. Almost every religion of the world believes in angels and their existence. Initially, angels introduced by Abrahamic literature and further found in all the later religious texts. People following religion believe in angels and their special power. It is said that angel is the supernatural being, appointed for the different job. They act as a messenger of God for a human being.Angels are free from defects; they do not eat, drink or sleep. They continuously perform their duty given by God.Angels have supernatural power and can come in any shape of a human.Angels depicted as a heavenly body with wings and light.

There are hierarchies of angels. Angels divided into the number of classes and subclasses based on the role and position. Highest rank angel is known as Archangel. These ranking and names have some variation in a different religion.

Some of the well-known Archangels are:-

Gabriel:-Gabriel is an archangel responsible for revelation. Gabriel reveals Messages of God to humanity. Gabriel is a great warrior, helping Good against evil.

Michael:- Michael is an archangel responsible for bringing rain and thunder. Eventually responsible for bringing prosperity for body and soul.
Raphael:- Raphael is an archangel responsible for signaling the judgment day

Azrael:-Azrael is an archangel accountable for taking out the soul from the body.
Apart from these archangels, there are many other angels responsible for various other things.Like
Guardian angel is also an important angel responsible for protecting and guarding an individual.
Angel of love is responsible for spreading love between humans.

Fallen Angel, angel who is thrown out of heaven. Angels who have not followed the command of God. Fallen angel is also referred to as Satan in some of the religious text.

The list of angels is not limited to only these, at places in the religious text it is mentioned that the count of these angels is only known to God. Based on some text from Judaism, angels are divided into ten ranks based on hierarchy. In Christianity, some book described 9 level of angels subdivided into three orders. In Islam, there is no defined level of hierarchy system exist except archangels. Similar to Islam there is no formal hierarchy in Zoroastrian.

The concept of these angels and their ranking is based on the religious and mythological text. The existence of angels is seen in every mythological text. Talking from the experiences of the people of the real world, people firmly believe on these angels and at the time report some unbelievable and unexplainable instances from there life, which they consider to be the outcome of an encounter with these supernatural beings. There are also people who don’t have believe in these angels. They consider angels as a mythological character that does not have any significance in the real world. Every story of sadness and happiness is not because of any of the angels, but it is only the outcome of the decisions and efforts.