Mother earth has diversity right from the forest to the living creatures. This diversity varies from nation to nation, so is its effect on the living habitat of the animals. The interesting thing of concern on such a variety of animals which are the oldest which still exist on the earth whose history may be near to the age of dinosaurs. That variety of animals scientifically named and know as reptile creatures. These creatures appeared in the form of drawing by the humans in the ancient history. Some of these creatures were incited for bad so are the some representing good. The perfect term for these kind of creatures is the totem that thesy being remembered from the past to the present. You will find a lot of information on

It’s the one’s way of outlook and behaviour of acceptance. Spiritually thinking these animals are like the messengers throughout our physical and spiritual life. By the past history they help us to gain insights, self-awareness, enhance the connectivity to the past and sometime show a glimpse of the future. They walk over our life when we stand at the cross roads situation or while major decision making.